Sunday, October 07, 2007

A New New Home

Simon and I just put in an offer on the double three doors down from our PRC-single shotgun. We had all kinds of advice--much of it conflicting--about whether to offer the full asking price or not. We heard that homeowners "never think they'll get their full asking price," so we should lowball. In cases where the prospective buyer has to get financing, though, we heard that a lowball offer may be risky; someone can always come along with cash and snatch it up... and we'd witnessed and heard about a lot of interest in that one house, so we know this was a big risk.

Ultimately, we decided that the right price was a fair one, and one that would get the house off the market and into our posession. Everyone who's seen this house has said that the house was, in fact, worth the asking price. So we offered that price, with an offer expiration of tomorrow at 5 pm, and we feel pretty darn confident that we will get it. Exciting!

The house is on a corner lot and gets lots of southern light. Today we were standing at the top of the levee and when we looked back down the street, we realized we could see our front window clear as day. So we'll be able to look out the window and watch the ships go by. It has a wonderful story, too; it was rolled back from the Industrial Canal when the Lock was put in, and its bargeboard construction tells us that it's been around since the late 1800's. It has lots of beautiful details like gingerbread trim and intact front window shutters. And it has a live oak tree in the backyard that will provide shade (in New Orleans, worth gold). I look up and see a perfect limb for a swing. Yay, swings!

Perhaps because we realized we were on the cusp of something really exciting--buying our first (and hopefully forever) home--Simon and I ate our way through the weekend. I'm talking, we ATE! We had Mexican at El Gato Negro on Friday, a BLT made with a deep-fried softshell crab at Luke for lunch yesterday, and roasted oysters, pickled mirliton and beets, deviled eggs, chicken and andouille gumbo, sweet potato bread pudding, and apple crisp at Cochon last night. Tonight: dinner at Bacchanal (where we were married). Now, if only I didn't have so many papers to grade...

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