Monday, December 05, 2005

This should be good...

Frenchmen Street) 10PM Monday Dec. 5

Rob Wagner, saxophones and compositions
Hamid Drake, drums
Nobu Ozaki, bass

"All events that don't appear in the media are claimed
as a victory by the movement . . ."---The Anti-Media

At first I was quite peeved that our local guardians
of the fourth estate could not find the significance
of this event worthy of their precious media space
(and their less than precious efforts,) but than I
realized that if they had, how significant could have
it ever been? The best of New Orleans culture has
always hidden in plain view, shielded by its apparent
extravagant ubiquitousness.

But we know how to see (hear) beyond the mask, and we
will talk to each other face to face, immediate as
wind and water, and spread the word. And this event
will be a great success, appreciated by all who manage
to attend . . .


P.S. I'm told by the Powers That Be that this concert
will start at 10PM N.R.T. (New Realities Time) not
10PM S.N.O.M.T. (Standard New Orleans Musicians' Time)
so plan your arrival accordingly.

VALID RECORDS "Valid Where Prohibited!"
--from an email sent to me by Bywater resident and fellow music lover, Ben Lyons

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