Thursday, July 27, 2006

Last weekend, my dear friend Danielle pointed out that I never write about anything happy on my blog. Reading back over some of my entries, I see that she’s right. I guess it is usually sadness and frustration that draws me to the page. When I’m content, I merrily roll along, not bothering to report the fluffy details.

While I don’t have a happy narrative to relate, I would like to offer a brief list of things that make me happy—all from post-K life in New Orleans:

1) Reliable garbage pickup
2) Semi-regular postal delivery
3) Working flashlights
4) Citronella candles
5) Water pressure
6) Cats
7) Teaching
8) My new Honda Civic
9) Other people’s blogs
10) Afternoon naps
11) Having friends over to watch “Project Runway.”
12) Interpretive dance (a la “So You Think You Can Dance”)
13) Working traffic lights
14) Taco stands
15) Whole Foods
16) Phone calls
17) Emails
18) Cooking
19) Eating
20) Drinking
21) Planning a vacation
22) Going to the all-you-can-eat buffet with Tony
23) Riding in Tony’s purple truck with his pit-bull, Buddy
24) Kiehl’s bath products
25) The occasional pedicure
26) The painted sign on the asphalt of Burgundy Street that reads “PEDICURES” (like the ones that read “HELP” or “NEED FOOD AND WATER”)
27) Live music
28) Reunions with friends
29) My wedding

I have to go teach now…

1 comment:

Danielle said...

Yay! Not only am I thrilled to be credited with the inspiration for such a list, I am also really happy to read through the things that make you smile.

Things I would like to add: drinks at Mimi's with out-of-town visitors and Simon doing the Adam Ant dance while waiting for you outside of the Dragon's Den... Good times, good times.

Have a good day!