Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Please check out my other blog: www.nolafridge.blogspot.com. I've started to add the scanned-in magnets, and I'll be continually updating the blog until it's done (I hope it won't take longer than a week).

Nolafridge is a blog devoted to images of refrigerators discarded after Hurricane Katrina, and the magnets those refrigerators once wore. I'll present a paper about the project (its impetus, my struggles with collecting, archiving, and giving it a "purpose") at the Popular Culture Association's annual conference in Boston in April. I'd hoped to publish the project in book form, but couldn't find a publisher (full-color books are evidently very expensive), so I'm going with the blog, instead. I won't make any money, but the project was never about that, anyway.

The next phase will be to turn the magnets into a Mardi Grase costume--The Frigidaire Queen--using my wedding dress. More to come!

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