Monday, March 12, 2007

I am jumping on the bandwagon of those who love Angelina Jolie. I am so, so, so pleased that she and Brad are living in New Orleans, and I can't say enough about the importance of education-reform here in New Orleans (she mentions helping with schools in the excerpt from a Newsweek interview that I've posted below).

This weekend, I attended a fundraiser with Simon at St. George's Episcopal (where Simon teaches), and I was astounded as I watched parents bid hundred of dollars on student-made art... if only our public schools had those kinds of resources!

Anyway, I suspect that Angelina means Maddox's school when she says she loves the schools. I hope that she is planning to focus on helping us improve public--as opposed to private or charter--schools.

From an interview published in this week's Newsweek:

You're living in New Orleans right now. Is that just because you like the city or because you wanted to bring attention to New Orleans, too?
A bit of both. Brad was doing a film here and so we were going spend a month here. [We] realized it was a place we liked, we liked the people, I liked the school for the kids. They're very diverse. I liked the other parents. I feel very comfortable with them. We're happy having our children here. Brad is working on rebuilding here.... But for me, just as a mom, I love the other parents and the kids and the schools. I'm starting to work on the education here and the school system here. There's a lot of work to be done.

The neighborhood she mentions that Brad's working on rebuilding, by the way, is our future home: Holy Cross. Is it, like, so Whatever of me to dream that they'll come to our open house once our house is finished? Whatever!

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I hit your blog from a random link and got hooked. I enjoyed reading it so the other day I sat down and read the whole thing. It took a while. I agree with the things you say about our beautiful city and its residents. I like your humor and your stories. Some of them made me sad. Thanks for putting it all out there. Hope you will continue to write.

Sarah said...

Thank you for reading. I think you may be my only reader, other than my mom, and it makes me happy to know you're out there. I suppose if I really tried to "promote" my blog, I might have a few more readers, but self-promotion is something about "being a writer" that really turns me away from the field. Also, my blog name could not possibly be clunkier or more awkward; if I knew how to change that, I might.

At any rate, thank you.