Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The ONLY reason we aren't anxious to get into our new home...

I read two pieces today about levee vulnerability in the Lower Ninth Ward. Obviously we are concerned. While the house-stuff has begun to feel like it's just taking FOR-EVER, we're not sad that we won't be in it this summer. We'd like to see another hurricane season pass--perhaps even have the system tested with a 2--before we begin our new life in the Lower Ninth.

What makes me even more annoyed is how there will be no question about rebuilding the devastated Kansas town, or about reinforcing levees in now-flooded areas of Missouri and Oklahoma, but just you wait... there will be some whose comments in response to the Times-Pic piece I read will suggest that we should just move.

What is it about our brief American memory that we can so simply dismiss an historic city? I get more angry about folks from the outside saying, "Not with my tax dollars," while simultaneously giving a hoot about their dollars being funnelled to Iraq. WHERE ARE OUR PRIORITIES??!?!?!?

Anyways, here's the reading from the Times-Pic (surely you'll see the comments soon enough--scroll to the end):


And from the National Geographic:


What you can do:

Support levees.org.

Write letters.

Don't forget us.

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