Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Number Two...

It was two years and a lifetime ago that HK hit NOLA and I am too tired to process all of the information that's been coming at us from all sides this week. (Maybe this is the year I'll call her HK, 'cause we're tight like that, now). Anyways, Wednesday is also my busiest teaching day. I have classes from 9:30am until almost 9pm.

We did have a power outage on campus this afternoon, which brought the days of our early post-storm livin' back. Yeah--that made me feel hurricaney. That brought a lot back.

But right now I am too tired to process this anniversary-bit, so I will just say goodnight to it and to all things Number Two. Tomorrow, after I help my best friends pack their U-Haul so they can leave the city, maybe I'll be sad and inspired and ready to write.


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