Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Obama

This morning when Simon woke me up at seven, I had the same feeling I did on the morning it snowed. I felt like I had to get out of bed or else I'd miss something.

My descriptive powers elude me. And anyways, I spent most of the day trying to record lectures for my online class in audio files, which is not worth describing (although it is amusing, I guess--how I was trying to figure out whether to "sound smart" or just like me... I went with me). But before the file-recording, I baked Michelle Obama's shortbread cookies (mine had pine nuts instead of almonds on top) and took them to the Little Zion Missionary Baptist Church, where the Holy Cross Neighborhood Association meetings are, and where many in the neighborhood gathered to watch CNN's streaming projected on a big screen.

I took this video of the moment when Obama took the oath of office (sorry for the wobbly/shifty camera work--I am new with my Flip video camera). The people I kept coming back to are Charles Allen, our neighborhood association president, and Kathy Muse, who is my neighbor.

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Ken said...

Hey Sarah,

For reasons I'll not explain I just stumbled on to your blog where you reference my NCTE article. I'm glad it resonated with you.

Folks who don't teach have NO idea. And I work in a good district in a great school. I can't imagine a "tough" school.

It is a grist mill. Hang tough. The work is SO important.