Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Tell Bennett to EAT A DI*&*@#*K!!!!

Senator Robert Bennet (R, Utah) said in Washington today (as our local politicians were forced once again to beg for the meagerest of handouts for our struggling city that is struggling because of a FEDERALLY-CAUSED FLOOD):
"Building a city 10 feet below sea level doesn't seem to me like an inherently good idea."

Tell him your ideas at:

And in the meantime, add a comment that lists other "inherently good ideas" that our government supports, no questions asked (or public scoldings offered.)

ARGH! I am incensed. Again.

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oscar said...

That stupid cunt can eat a bag of dicks! Hey Bennett, why don't you say some words about the foolishness of embarking on the Donner-Reed party you insensitive prick! That should be wildly popular with your voting base. How about this, why don't you tell the New Yorkers to move to another fucking city since those skyscrapers are magnets for jet planes? Goddammit, what an asshole. I'm going to go break something now!