Saturday, March 04, 2006

Well, I knew it would happen: Carnival season came along and distracted me from everything I "should" be thinking about--my (inconsistent) writing, my (unstable) future, my (often-interrupted) sleep. Instead, I reveled. Importantly, I reveled. And now I am on the recovery-end of the season, trying to drink more water, take more walks, sleep more soundly, and yes, keep up with my writing. (Oh, and I am also trying to do my Core Secrets exercise video. Rockin.)

I am aware that out there in the "real" (read: functioning) world, a debate was afoot about whether or not we here in New Orleans should have had Mardi Gras. I came down on the yes side. It was an easy thing for me, I suppose, given that I am living back in my (largely undamaged) home, where the worst of my worries is, um, my future. And although my present, and therefore my future, is less awful than that of many New Orleanians, I still needed to let loose. We all needed to let loose.

Here's what we did:

1.) I paraded (in the Muses and Proteus Parades) with the Ninth Ward Marching Band. The Ninth Ward Marching Band is an all-adult marching band that I've been in for five years. The band dates back ten and is the brainchild of Mr. Quintron and Miss Pussycat--Bywater weirdos and creative geniuses/puppeteers/inventors/musicians. I will write more about the band, as it is so so so important to me, but for now all you need to know is that it is a fun, fun, fun group that marches in uniform and this year played "Rock You Like a Hurricane" and "House of the Rising Sun." I am the captain of the cheerleaders. Again: the most fun.
2.) Watched parades. We actually missed the first day of parades entirely, and it was very, very depressing. Five parades rolled in less than two hours, and there we were, late, expecting another one to pass, eating fried chicken and waiting, expectantly. In other years, the parades would have lasted all day. This year was different. Luckily, the later parades were in "full effect," and the themes were wonderful. The Krewe of Carrolton's was "Blue Roof Blues." Muses was "We Got Game," and each float featured a board game that lampooned local and federal politicians. Krewe D'Etat's theme was "Katrina Olympics," and they, too, lampooned Blanco, Nagin, Bush, Brownie, and Dennis Hastert (the prick who looks at us as a "financial investment," not as a city with real, live people and a rich cultural history that cannot be quantified.)

3.) Costumed. This year I brought out my famous red pant suit and put on my yellow feathered mask and was, once again, "100% Fun." Simon was a big hit in his Super New Orleans Man costume. He worked hard on it, and he posed for many a photo. Blue tarps were featured in many a costume this year, as were Meals Ready to Eat (MREs,) caution tape, and references to Brownie.
4.) Took 900 pictures of Anderson Cooper interviewing a man in a pink tutu and a giant pink afro. Cooper really does take it "360 degrees," dude. Check him out.
Also, check out my friend Jackie, who makes the most amazing tribal costumes.
5.) Laughed at the Jesus Freaks in front of Jackson Square (and then felt bad about it. Damn my religious upbringing!)
Jackie filmed Jesus being put on a cross. He said, "Not too tight." I hope Jackie gets it to the Daily Show for This Week in God.

6.) Ate corn dogs.

7.) Danced alot.

8.) Waited in a lot of lines (albeit much shorter ones, this year) to pee.

9.) Smiled and laughed a lot. Smiled at other people's smiling.
10.) Felt good and whole for a while.

11.) Came home and felt tired and bad for a while.
12.) Woke up sad that it was over.

Mardi Gras is my favorite, favorite day of the year. It is really something everyone has to see. But don't come and watch--come and mask and come in costume. Even the oldest of men (and women) do! YAY!

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